Cost of Attendance

The basic costs for a college education at Hardin-Simmons University, as at all colleges, have necessarily increased with living costs. The University maintains these charges at the lowest figure consistent with satisfactory service and sound education. One factor of importance is that the social, cultural, and recreational opportunities at HSU are available at little or no extra cost and enable those students who must be cautious in their spending to participate fully without embarrassment.

Payment of Accounts

Registration is not complete until tuition, fees, room and meals are paid in full and/or satisfactory financial arrangements have been approved by the Business Office, which is located in the Student Financial Services area on the 2nd floor of Sandefer Memorial Building.
Students who complete their financial arrangements by the designated time and submit the Terms of Agreement prior to registration will be automatically finalized. This status signifies that the student has satisfied the requirements of the Business Office. All registrants must follow through with the financial commitments made at registration to pay all charges in full before advance registration for the following semester.

Student transcripts will not be released for students who fail to meet this requirement.

HSU Payment Deadlines

Students must complete payment by 4:00 p.m. on the scheduled dates (see HSU university calendar) or the date of registration if after first payment deadline.

For the Fall/Spring and/or Summer semesters, there are two payment options:

Option (1) —payment in full of any portion not covered by approved financial aid. See the HSU university calendar.

Option (2) —enroll in the HSU Payment Plan, which is a four-payment or six-payment plan for Fall and Spring (3 Payments for Summer) through CASHNet of any portion not covered by financial aid. An $80.00 enrollment fee will be charged to enroll in this plan. A 2.75% fee will be charged for any credit card payments. A late payment fee of $80.00 will be charged if payments under the four-payment or six-payment plan are received 5 days or more after the payment due date. A hold will be placed on the student account to prevent the student from registering for any future terms, to prevent the student from using the fitness center, and hold the release of the student's transcript.

The Business Office accepts American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover online through CASHNet. CASHNet will charge a 2.75% fee for any credit card payments.

Although HSU would prefer not to use such remedies, HSU has the right to impose, but is not limited to, the following measures on delinquent student accounts. HSU has the right to deny or cancel registration, withhold the provision of services, grade reports, transcripts, diplomas, and/or graduation. HSU maintains the right to restrict access to the learning management system (Canvas) at any point during the semester if the student account is past due within the term payment plan. Please be aware that it will take 24-72 hours before access is restored after the student has paid in full or paid the correct percentage at that time during the semester. If past due amounts relate to housing, HSU has the right to enforce eviction. Please refer to the University’s past due procedures.