Music Worship Leadership Minor (WLDP)

Our new Music: Worship Leadership major is housed in the School of Music and offers a fully-functioning major in music/worship leadership with a core of worship-specific courses included.

This Music: Worship Leadership minor prepares students with information and skills that are applicable to a variety of careers in music and ministry. We educate students to enter the vast arena of worship ministry including training in worship technology, rehearsal techniques, production elements, service planning, team-building, varied denominational models, worship theology and philosophy, and church administration.

Minor Requirements

The Music: Worship Leadership minor offers a condensed version of the major worship core, ministry core and music core for a total of eighteen credit hours. Seven of those credit hours must be in the area of applied music lessons (voice, piano, and/or guitar). 

MUPS Private Instruction - Students may complete all 7 applied music hours in the same area of concentration, or some combination of applied options (voice, piano and/or guitar). As the student takes more advanced levels of the same instrument, the section number increases to reflect this.

Example: MUPS 1121 Voice: Private instruction (freshmen year)

                             2121 Voice: Private (sophomore year)

An audition for the School of Music is NOT REQUIRED for students wishing to enroll in the minor.

Required Courses

MUCM 1301Introduction to Worship Leadership


MUCM 4222Rehearsal Techniques for Worship


MNST 3311Ministry Formations


MUCM 4326Worship Technology


7 credits from the following

MUPS 1111Piano - Private Instruction


MUPS 1121Voice - Private Instruction


MUPS 1191Guitar - Private Instruction


Total Credit Hours: 18