Director of Philosophy

Dr. Bryan D. Yorton


HSU Box 15234


Bryan D. Yorton, Ph.D., Associate Professor


To contribute to the liberal education of students by developing analytical and critical thinking, broadening perspectives, and encouraging the pursuit of knowledge and truth in all areas of life. This involves exploring the perennial questions (and preeminent answers) that humans encounter in contemplating existence and seeking to live wisely. Underlying these goals is the aim to help students develop their own philosophical approach within a trustworthy world-view, together with an awareness of the relevance of philosophy for the fundamental methodological and substantive perspectives of other disciplines.
Why study Philosophy? Because it prepares graduates for success and adaptability over a lifetime of changing marketplaces and personal challenges. Philosophy students learn to think and communicate with clarity, breadth, and precision, learn how to ask the questions and solve the problems that enable one to succeed. Thus, the study of philosophy provides a solid foundation for both the workplace and advanced study in all academic and professional fields, including law, theology, education, science, and business. As a major or minor the study of philosophy complements and enhances all areas of study. But most importantly, the study of philosophy at HSU is a wisdom-seeking enterprise operating under the conviction that Christian faith is relevant to all of life, while recognizing that wisdom