General Studies

The General Studies major is designed for students seeking a bachelor's degree from multiple fields of study. A minimum of two concentration areas allow the student to explore a variety of disciplines in desired interest areas. This also provides students the opportunity to change career or academic goals without extending the time to achieve bachelor degree completion. A General Studies major provides an avenue for transfer students or others to complete a degree when their completed courses do not align well with other majors offered at Hardin-Simmons. This major allows students to enter the university under a recognized major, reducing the stress some incoming freshmen feel when they are unable to choose a single field of study. A General Studies major provides a completion track for students who exit professional programs not well aligned to other university majors, such as students exiting the BSN program or educational studies programs.

The General Studies major is available for the Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Behavioral Science, Bachelor of Science, and the Bachelor of Science in Human Sciences degrees. Students in the General Studies major will complete the foundational curriculum for the desired degree and select at least two fields of study with a mimum of 48 credit hours in the major (combined fields). A field of study is defined as a minor at HSU (minimum 18 hours) or 21 credit hours in the same field of study, with at least nine upper level credits in each concentration. A capstone course will be selected from one of the fields of study. A minimum of 12 upper level credits in the major must be completed from courses taken at HSU (Note: a minimum of 36 upper level credit hours is required as part of the 120 hours required for degree completion).

A student will work with the Office of the Registrar to determine the concentration areas for the major. A faculty academic advisor will be assigned to the student from one of the concentration areas (generally the area from which the capstone course will be completed).

Employers seek individuals with the proven ability to learn, have a varied academic background, and possess the critical thinking skills to adapt to changes in the global marketplace. Students seeking the general studies major will have knowledge and develop skills and abilities that are critical in a variety of career fields. For more information about the General Studies major contact the Office of the Registrar, Mrs. Kacey Higgins,, or call (325) 670-1368.