Administration and Faculty

Officers of Administration
Eric I. Bruntmyer, MBA, JD  President
Christopher L. McNair, BS, MS, PhD
Provost and Chief Academic Officer
Mike Monhollon, BA, MA, JD  Associate Provost, SACSCOC Liaison, Chief Data and Accreditation Officer 
Jodie McGaughey, BBA, M.Acc, PhD, CPA
Vice President for Finance
Mike Hammack, BA, MBA
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Vicki House, BBA, MBA
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Stacey Martin, BBS, MEd
Vice President for Student Life
Officers Emeriti
Lanny Hall, BS, MEd, PhD  President Emeritus
Harold Preston, BBA, MBA
Senior Vice President Emeritus
Richard M. Styles, BA, MA
Vice President Emeritus
Academic Officers
Robert Tucker, BM, MM, PhD, MBA
Dean, Kelley College of Business and Professional Studies
Andrea Jensen, BS, PhD Dean, Holland School of Sciences and Mathematics
Donalyn Alexander, BBS, MSN, DNP
Dean, Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing
Stephen Cook, BS, MA, PhD
Dean, Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts
Janelle O'Connell, PT, DPT, PhD, ATC-L  Dean, College of Health Professions
Elizabeth Norman, BEd, MS, MEd
University Librarian
Administrative Staff
Grace Carroll, B.S., M.S. Associate V.P. of Advising
Kacey Higgins, B.A.S., M.A.

Graduate Council

Jacob Brewer

Karin Brown

Scott Brown

Renee Collins

Jennifer Eames

Leigh Anne Hunsaker

Emily Dean

Scott Hamm

Jason King

Randall Maurer

Lindsay Edwards

Jennifer Plantier

Trube Miller

Valerie Miller

Sherry Rosenblad

Dave Stuckey

Don Taylor

Chris McNair, Provost, ex officio

Michael Monhollon, Associate Provost, ex officio

Kacey Higgins, Registrar, ex officio

Graduate Faculty

Austin Alexander, DPT, Assistant Professor of Anatomy, B.S., 2011, University of Oklahoma; D.P.T., 2014, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2018.)

Donalyn Alexander, DNP Professor of Nursing; Dean of the Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing; BBS, 1980, University of Central Oklahoma; MSN, 1995, Abilene, Christian University; DNP, 2016, Oklahoma City University. (1995 to 2001 and since 2018.)

Mark Armstrong, DPT Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy; BA 1980, Nyack University; BS 1987 Thomas Jefferson University; MS 1991 Troy University; t-DPT 2005 Creighton University; MA 2010 Liberty University. (Since 2014.)

Wade Ashby, MS Assistant Professor of Computer Science; B.S., 2003, Angelo State University; M.Div., 2010, Hardin-Simmons University; M.S., 2017, Georgia Institute of Technology. (Since 2015.)

Jacob Brewer, PT, PhD, DPT, Professor of Physical Therapy; Director of the Physical Therapy Program; BS 1994 Wayland Baptist University; MPT 1998, t-DPT 2005 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 2010 Dallas Baptist University. (Since 2005.)

Karin Brown, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Criminal Justice; Head of the Department of Criminal Justice; Director of the Forensic Studies Program; B.B.S., 1989, Hardin-Simmons University; B.A., 1992, McMurry University; M.Ed., 1997 Hardin-Simmons University; Ph.D., Capella University. (Since 2005.)

Scott Brown, PsyD, Associate Professor of Counseling and Human Development, Director of the Counseling and Human Development Program; BS 1981, MS 1984, Abilene Christian University; PsyD 1988 Florida Institute of Technology. (Since 2016.)

Clay Bulls, MPAS, PA-C, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies; BS 1995 McMurry University; PA 2002 Wake Forest University School of Medicine Physician Assistant Program; MPAS 2016 The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. (Since 2016.)

Tina Butler, MPAS, PA-C, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies; Associate Program Director for the Physician Assistant Program; BA 1994 Texas Tech University; BA 1998 The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center; MPAS 2007 The University of Nebraska Medical Center. (Since 2016.)

Kent Chambers, PhD Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Science; BS 1990 University of Alaska; MS 1999 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 2005 Texas Tech University. (Since 2000.) 

Renee Collins, PhD Professor of Educational Studies, Associate Dean of the Irvin School of Education, Kelley College of Business and Professional Studies; Director of the Master of Education in Higher Education and Student Affairs; BS 1980 Valdosta State University; MEd 1998 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 2009 Texas Tech University. (Since 2000.) 

Thomas V. Copeland Jr., EdD Professor of Psychology and Counseling, Director of the Honors Program; BS 1981 Texas A&M University; MA 1984 Southwestern Baptist-Theological Seminary; EdD 1994 Texas Tech University. (Since 1994.)

Jeff Cottrell, DMA Associate Professor of Low Brass and Theory, Associate Dean of Music, Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts; BM 1985, MM 1996, DMA 2004 University of North Texas. (Since 2006.)

John N. Davis, PhD  Professor of Management; Coordinator for the Programs in Management, Nonprofit Management, and Public Administration; BS 1975 United States Military Academy; MBA 1982 The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania; PhD 2005 Texas Tech University. (Since 2008.)

Emily Dean, PhD Professor of Educational Studies, Director of the Houston Lantrip Center for Literacy and Learning, Director of the Graduate Reading Specialist Program; BS 1997 Southwest Texas State University; MEd 2002, PhD 2007 Texas A&M University. (Since 2001.)

Michelle M. Dose, PhD  Professor of Chemistry and Physics; BA 1986 University of Northern Colorado; PhD 1996 Texas Tech University. (Since 1997.)

Jennifer Eames, DHSc, Associate Professor of Physician Assistant Studies, Director of the Physician Assistant Program; B.S., 2002 University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston; MPAS, 2010 University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha; DHSc., 2015, Nova Southeastern University. (Since 2015.)

Lindsay Edwards, PhD Professor of Kinesiology, Director of Graduate Studies in Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation; BS 1996 Abilene Christian University; MEd 1999 Tarleton State University; PhD 2008 University of Houston (Since 2008)

Robert R. Ellis, PhD Phillips Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament; BS 1977 Hardin-Simmons University; MDiv 1981, PhD 1988 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Advanced Study: 1992–1993 and 2000–2001 University of Cambridge, England (1984–1986 and since 1996.) 

Tiffany Fink, PhD Professor of History; AA 1994 Tarrant County College; BA 1996, MA 1998, PhD 2003 Texas Tech University (Since 2001.)

Fei Gao, PhD Associate Professor of Finance; Johnson Endowed Chair of Business; BS 1997, Southwest University of Finance and Economics, ChengDu, China; MBA 2004, University of Louisiana at Monroe; PhD 2010, University of North Texas. (Since 2010).

Walter Goodman, Ph.D., Associate Professor of New Testament ; Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program in San Antonio, School of Theology, Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts; B.S., 1973, Louisiana Tech University, M.A., 1976, M.Div., 1983, Southwestern Baptist Technological Seminary, Ph.D., 1994, Baylor University. (2012).

Christopher Greenleaf, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Athletic Training, Athletic Training Clinical Education Coordinator; B.S. 1997, Charleston Southern University; M.S. 2001 Middle Tennessee University; Ph.D. 2018 Rocky Mountain University. (Since 2018).

Scott Hamm, D.E.M., Assistant Professor of Education, Director of Online Education; Director of Doctoral Program in Leadership; B.S., 1986, The Pennsylvania State University; M.R.E., 1992, Abilene Christian University; D.E.M., 2006, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 2017.)

Rick L. Hammer, PhD Associate Professor of Biology; BBA 1983 The University of Texas Permian Basin; MS 1993, PhD 2010 Texas A&M University. (Since 2009.)

Ashley Hammonds, M.S.P.A., Instructor of Physician Assistant Studies; B.A.A.S., 2013, Lamar University; M.S., 2014, Midwestern University; M.S.P.A., 2018, University of Worcester. (Since 2019.)

John Hill, PhD Professor of Economics; BBA 1987 Baylor University; MA 1994 Texas Christian University; PhD 1995 University of Tennessee. (Since 1998.)

Chris Hollingsworth, DMA Associate Professor of Voice, Director of Opera; BM 1992 DePauw University; MM 1998 State University of New York at Binghamton; DMA 2004 University of Illinois at Urbana. (Since 2011.)

Leigh Anne Hunsaker, PhD Professor of Trumpet and Music Education, Head of the Department of Music Education; Director of Graduate Studies in Music; BME 1984 Oral Roberts University; MA 1985 West Texas State University; PhD 1993 University of North Texas. (Since 1994.)

Jeff Johnson, D,Min. Assistant Professor of Pastoral Ministry; BBA 1983 Texas A&M University; M.Div,1987 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Min.1993 Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Jill Jumper, PT DPT Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy; BS 1995 Abilene Christian University; MPT 2002, DPT 2008, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2017.)

Kelvin Kelley, DMin Associate Professor of Theology; BBA 1989 Angelo State University; M.Div. 1999 MA 2002 Hardin-Simmons University; D.Min. 2006 Abilene Christian University. (Since 2007.)

Jason King, PhD Associate Professor of English and Writing, Director of Graduate Studies in English; BA 1999, MA 2002 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 2009 Texas Christian University. (Since 2009.)

Nancy E. Kucinski, PhD Professor of Management; BBS 1983 Hardin-Simmons University; MPA 1986, PhD 1990 Texas Tech University; PhD 2004 University of Texas at Dallas. (Since 2001.)

Allan J. Landwer, PhD Professor of Biology, Director of International Studies; BS 1986, MS 1988 Texas Christian University; PhD 1994 The University of New Mexico. (Since 1994.) 

Jodie McGaughey, PhD, C.P.A. Assistant Professor of Accounting, Vice President for Finance; BBA 1983 Texas Tech University, M.Acc. 2008 Abilene Christian University; PhD 2005 Trident University International. (Since 2008).

Larry McGraw, PhD Professor of Bible, Associate Dean Logsdon School of Theology, Cynthia Ann Parker College of Liberal Arts; BA 1974 Oklahoma Baptist University; MDiv 1978, PhD 1983 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Advanced Study: Summer 1989 Princeton Theological Seminary. (Since 1982.)

Joe McCormick, PT, DPT, OCS, Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy; BS 1995 Abilene Christian University; MPT 2002, DPT 2008, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2017.)

R. Douglas McIntyre, PhD Professor of Business Administration; BS 1981 Angelo State University; MEd 1993, PhD 2002 Texas A & M University. (Since 2006.)

Randall J. Maurer, PhD Professor of Psychology and Counseling and Family Ministry, Director of Graduate Program in Family Ministry; BA 1984 Stetson University; MDiv 1988, PhD 1992, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 1993)

Valerie Miller, MS, FNP-C, PhD Assistant Professor of Nursing, Chair of the MSN Program; BSN, 1987, Texas Tech University; MS, 2000, Georgia State University, PhD 2019 The University of Texas at Tyler. (Since 2005.)

Trube Miller, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Educational Studies; B.A., 2000, M.Ed., 2003, Southeastern Oklahoma State University; M.Ed., 2006, Ph.D., 2011, University of North Texas. (2011-2013 and since 2016.)

Michael L. Monhollon, JD Professor of Business Law, Associate Provost; Chief Data and Accreditation Officer; BA 1980 Baylor University; MA 1982, JD 1984 University of Virginia. (Since 1998.)

Robert E. Moore, EdD Professor of Kinesiology; BBA 1983 Texas A&M University; MEd 1992 Southwest Texas State University; EdD 1996 East Texas State University. (Since 1996.)

Kathryn Norton, MD, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies, Medical Director for the Physician Assistant Program; BA 1994 Schreiner College; MD 1998 Texas Tech Health Sciences Center School of Medicine; MBA 2011 Texas Tech University. (Since 2016.)

Dennis G. O’Connell, PT, PhD Professor of Physical Therapy, Shelton-Lacewell Endowed Chair for Physical Therapy; BSPT 1995 University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; BS 1977 Manhattan College; MA 1978 Kent State University; PhD 1985 University of Toledo. (Since 1995).

Janelle K. O’Connell, PT, DPT, PhD, ATC-L Professor of Physical Therapy, Dean of the College of Health Professions; Head of Department of Physical Therapy; BS 1977 Central Michigan University; MA 1979 Kent State University; MPT 1997, t-DPT 2008 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 1984 University of Toledo. (Since 1995.) 

Coleman E.P. Patterson, PhD Professor of Management and Leadership, Director of Leadership Studies; BSBA 1988, MEd 1990 University of Florida; EdS 1995, PhD 1996 University of Alabama. (Since 1999.)

Kelly Pigott, PhD Professor of Church History; BA 1985 Samford University; MDiv 1989, PhD 1995 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 2007.)

Susan Pigott, PhD Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew; BA 1986 Hardin-Simmons University; MDiv 1989, PhD 1995 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 1993.)

Shaylee J. Piland, MBA, C.P.A. Associate Professor of Accounting; BBA 1999, MBA 2003, Hardin Simmons University. (Since 2004).

Jennifer Plantier, PhD Professor of Business and Marketing, Graduate Program Director for the Kelley College of Business, Coordinator for the Program in Marketing; BS 1995 Hawaii Pacific University; MS 2002, PhD 2007 Texas Tech University. (Since 2008.)

Laura Pogue, PhD Associate Professor of English; BA 1987, MA 1991 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 2000 Baylor University. (Since 1993.) 

Barbara Quillin, MPAS, PA-C, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies and Director of Clinical Education for the Physician Assistant Program; BA 1992 Texas A&M University; BS 2004 The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; MPAS 2008 The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. (Since 2018.)

Ronald L. Rainwater, EdD Professor of Kinesiology FSSC Internship Coordinator; BS 1975, MEd 1978, EdD 1985 Texas A&M University. (Since 1985.)

Corrie Reed, PhD Assistant Professor of Kinesiology; BS 2001, MS 2003, Angelo State University; PhD 2013, Texas Women’s University (Since 2007.) 

Kathy Robinson, DHSc MPAS, PA-C, Assistant Professor of Physician Assistant Studies; Academic Director of the Physician Assistant Studies Program; BA 1997 Angelo State University; MPAS 2005 The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston; DHSc, 2020 Nova Southeastern University (Since 2017.)

Dee Romines, DMA Associate Professor of Choral Music Education, Director of Choral Activities and the HSU Chorale; BS 1980 University of Tennessee; MM 1985 Eastman School of Music; DMA 2001 University of Missouri, Kansas City. (Since 2008.)

Sherry Rosenblad, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling; Graduate Program Director for the Clinical Counseling and Marriage and Family Therapy Program; BA, 2005, MA, 2007 University of Mary Hardin-Baylor; PhD 2014 Sam Houston State University. (Since 2014.)

Steven Rosscoe, PhD Professor of Geology; BA 2003 SUNY College at Genesco; MS 2005, PhD 2008 Texas Tech University. (Since 2008.)

Charles W. Ruot, EdD Professor of Kinesiology, Director of the Human Performance Lab; BS 1986 Illinois State University; MS 1987 Eastern Illinois University; Ed.D 2004 University of Kentucky. (Since 2006.)

Marsha Rutland, PT, ScD Professor of Physical Therapy; BS 1979 University of Texas Health Science Center; MEd 2002 Hardin-Simmons University; ScD 2008 Texas Tech University. (Since 2000.)

Elizabeth Schaeffer, D.P.T., Assistant Professor Physical Therapy and Director of Clinical Education; B.A. 2000, D.P.T., 2005, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2018.)

Bernard B. Scherr, PhD Professor of Theory and Composition, Head of Department of Music Theory and Composition; BA 1985, MFA 1988, PhD 1998 University of Oregon. (Since 2000.)*

Terry W. Sergeant, PhD Professor of Computer Science; Coordinator for the Programs in Computer Science and Information Systems; BSE 1991, BA 1991 Quachita Baptist University; MS 1993 University of Arkansas; PhD 1996 University of Texas at Arlington. (Since 2004.)

Edward R. Sim, PhD Professor of Information Systems; BS 1979 Towson University; MS 1988 George Washington University; PhD 1996 University of Maryland. (Since 2007.)

Megan Smart, PhD Assistant Professor in Athletic Training; BS 2008, Louisiana College; MS 2010, Baylor University; PhD, 2017, A.T. Still University. (Since 2019.)

Dan R. Stiver, PhD Cook-Derrick Professor of Theology, Director of the Master of Arts in Religion Program; BA 1976 William Jewell College; MDiv 1979 Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; PhD 1983 The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Advanced Study: 1984 University of Notre Dame; 1990–91 University of Tubingen, Germany. (Since 1998)

David A. Stuckey, MS Associate Professor of Athletic Training, Associate Dean for the School of Kinesiology, Health and Recreation; Director of Athletic Training Education; BS 1984 Kansas State University; MS 1986 University of North Dakota. (Since 1986.)

John Eric Swenson III, PhD Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling; BS 1989, MS 1998 Abilene Christian University, PhD 2002 The University of Memphis. (Since 2012.)

Justin Tammany, PT, ScD DPT, OCS COMT Assistant Professor of Physical Therapy, BA 2004 Greenville College; DPT 2007, Indiana University, MBA, 2013, University of Illinois; ScD 2018, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Since 2017.)

Donathan Taylor, PhD Professor of History, Chair of the Department of History; BFA 1985, MA 1987 Hardin-Simmons University; Post-graduate Study 1986 University of Georgia, 1987 Rice University; PhD 1997 University of Arkansas. (Since 1995.) 

Traci Thompson, PhD Professor of English, Head of the Department of English; BA 1991 Culver-Stockton College; MA 1993, PhD 1996 University of Southwestern Louisiana. (Since 1997.)

Rich Traylor, PhD Professor of History; Director of the Quality Enhancement Program; BA 1991 Oklahoma Baptist University; MDiv 1994 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; MA 1997 University of North Texas; PhD 2003 University of Missouri. (Since 2003.)

Robert Tucker, PhD Professor of Music, Dean of the Kelley College of Business and Professional Studies at Hardin Simmons University; BM 1983 Hardin- Simmons University, MM 1985 University of Cincinnati, PhD 2001 Texas Tech University. (Since 2013.)

Thomas Wier, PhD Associate Professor of Economics; BS 1988, MS 1989, Texas Christian University; PhD 1992, University of Tennessee. (Since 2009). 

Wendi Wolfram, PhD AssociateProfessor of Biology; BS 2003, MS 2005 Hardin-Simmons University; PhD 2013 University of Exeter. (Since 2013.)