Adjunct Faculty

Kathy Adkins, M.A., Lecturer in English; B.A., 1978 Hardin-Simmons University; M.A., 1997, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2015.)

Mark Beasley, Lecturer in History; BA., 1978, MA, 1988, Pepperdine University; Ph.D, 1997, Texas Christian University. (Since 2000)

Chantelle Berger, M.S., Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation, B.S. 2015, Missouri State University; M.S. 2017, Missouri Western State University. (Since 2018.)

Calvin Brown, MFA, Lecturer in Art; BS, 2002, Howard Payne University; MFA, 2005, Texas Tech University. (Since 2008)

Hillary Brown, M.E., Lecturer in Education; B.B.S., 2010, Hardin-Simmons University; M.E., 2015 Texas A&M University. (Since 2018.)

Karen Bullock, PH.D., Lecturer in Christian History; B.S., 1976, University of North Texas; M.Div.BL, 1987, Ph.D., 1991, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 2010.)

Randy Burks, Ed.D., Lecturer in Leadership Doctorate; B.S., 1980, Abilene Christian University; M.S.,1990 East Texas State University; Ed.D., 2008 Tarlton State University. (Since 2014)

Steve Coleman, B.S., Lecturer of Fitness & Sport Sciences: Head Baseball Coach; B.S., 1985, Lubbock Christian University. (Since 1997.)

Tommy Culwell, D.Min., Lecturer in Ministry; B.A., 1973, Hardin-Simmons University; M.Div., 1976, D.Min., 1992, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 2015.)

Jason Dyke House, Ph.D., Lecturer in Hebrew; B.A., 1995, University of North Texas; M.T.S., 2000, Duke University; Ph.D., 2008, Baylor University. (Since 2010.)

Donna Dorsett, M.F.A., Lecturer in Theatre; B.S., 1973, Hardin-Simmons University; M.F.A., 1975, Texas Christian University. (Since 2018)

Alan Eggleston, M.M., Lecturer in Music; B.M., 1980, Indiana University; M.M., 1984, Michigan State University at

Melissa Ericson, DAT, Lecturer in Athletic Training Education; B.S. 2015, University of Wisconsin; DAT 2017, Indiana State University.

Jay Farrar, D.Min., Lecturer in Pastoral Ministry; B.M., 1960, Baylor University; M.Div., 1968, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Min. 1995, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 2001.)

Linda D. Fawcett, M.F.A., Lecturer in Art; B.F.A., 1977, Texas Tech University; M.F.A., 1980, North Texas State University; Advanced study: Summer 1982, Texas Tech University; Summer 1984, 1985, University of Texas; Summer 1987, San Francisco Art Institute; Summer 1988, Arrowmont School of Arts & Crafts; Summer 1991, 1992, 1995, Vermont Studio Center. (Since 1981.)

Larry Fink, Lecturer in English; BA. 1975, Abilene Christian University; MA., 1982, Hardin Simmons University; Ph,D, 1987, Texas A&M University (Since 1988)

Edward C. Foster, PH.D., Lecturer in Education; B.B.A., 197,1 University of Texas at Arlington; M. Ed., 1978 Texas A & M; Ph.D., 1995 University of North Texas. (Since 1999.)

Donna Garrett, M.A., Lecturer in German; B.A., 1968, David Lipscomb University; M.A., 1970, Texas Tech University. (Since 2003.)

Wade Green, M.ED., Lecturer In Fitness & Sport Sciences; B.S. 2008, Southwestern University; M.Ed. 2010, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2010).

Hope Hargrove, MFA, Lecturer in Theatre; BA, 2010, Shreiner University; MFA, 2014, Savannah College of Art and Design. (Since 2016)

Lauren Gonzales, M.M., Lecturer in Music; B.M., 2014, Hardin-Simmons University; M.M., 2016, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2016)

Pearl Gonzales-Owens, M.M., Lecturer in Music; B.M.E., 2005, McMurry University; M.M., 2007, Arizona State University. (Since 2017)

Jeff Hargrove, L.B.S.W, Lecturer in Social Work Program; B.A. Angelo State University 2016; University of Texas at Arlington MSW Program 2016-present. (Since 2018)

Brown, Hillary, M.Ed, Lecturer in Education; B.B.S., 2010 Hardin-Simmons University; M.Ed., 2015 Texas A&M University. (Since 2018)

Tracy A. Hines, PhD, RN, FNP-BC, Instructor in Nursing; BSN, 1994 McMurry University; MSN/FNP, 1999, University of Texas Arlington; PhD in Nursing, 2015, University of Texas Tyler. (Since 2019)

Kenneth Hugghins, Ph.D., Lecturer in New Testament; B.A., 1975, Baylor University; M.Div., 1978, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., 1986, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 2001.)

Felicia Hughes, M.Ed., Lecturer in Counseling and Human Development; B.A., 1984 Angelo State University; M.Ed.,1994, Hardin-Simmons University. (since 2008)

John Hunt, M.Div., Lecturer in Biblical Studies; B.A., 2002, M.Div., 2010, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2014.)

Ryan Hunter, M.S. Lecturer in Criminal Justice; B.B.S. 2009,Hardin Simmons University; M.S. 2014, Capella University

Amy Huzjak, M.M., Lecturer in Cello; B.M., 2009, Arizona State University; M.M., 2011, University of Maryland – College Park. (Since 2017)

Dan Ingram, M.M., Lecturer in Music; B.M., 1997, Howard Payne University; M.M., 2000, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2016)

Paul Irby, M.A., Lecturer in Psychology, B.A., 1991, Howard Payne University; M.A., 1994, M.A., 2004, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2007)

Michael Jones, M.F.A., Lecturer in Art; B.F.A., 1984, East Tennessee State University; M.F.A., 1990, Louisiana Tech University. (Since 2006.)

Lisa Letz
, MSN, RN, CNE Instructor in Nursing; BSN, 2007; Hardin Simmons University; MSN, 2016, Hardin Simmons University. (Since 2016)

Ron Lyles, Ph.D., Lecturer in Theology; B.A., 1972, Dallas Baptist University; M.Div. 1974, Ph.D., 1980, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 1999.)

Melissa Madeson, PhD., Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation, B.A., 2002, California State University; M.S., 2005, California State University; Ph.D., 2008, University of Tennessee. (Since 2008.)

Shannon Maynard, M.S., Lecturer in Education; B.A.,2005, Hardin-Simmons University; M.S., 2018 DeVry University. (Since 2018.)

Deborah Mcfarland
, M.A., Lecturer in English, B.A., 2004, M.A., 2009, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2009.)

Jodie Mcgaughey, Ph.D., C.P.A., Lecturer in Accounting and Finance; B.B.A, 1983, Texas Tech University; M.Acc., 2008, Abilene Christian University; Ph.D., 2005, Trident University International. (Since 2008).

Juan (Johnny) Mendoza, DMA, Lecturer in Music; BM, 2008, University of Texas at San Antonio; MM, 2010, Belmont University; DMA, 2015, Ohio State University. (Since 2016)

Kelley Messer
, Lecturer In Political Science, BA,, 1995, Baylor University; JD, 1998, Texas Tech University

Heidi N. Michaels, PharmD, BCPS, BCCCP, Instructor in Nursing; PharmD, 2015, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center; ASHP Accredited Pharmacy Practice Residency, 2016; ASHP Accredited Critical Care Pharmacy Residency, 2017. (Since 2018)

Dan E. Mitchell, M.Ed., Lecturer in Music; B.Ed., 1967, Abilene Christian University; M.Ed., 1972, East Texas State University. (Since 1985.)

Dana Moore, Ph.D., Lecturer in Old Testament Theology; B.A., 1985, Baylor University; M.Div., 1988, Ph.D., 1994, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 2010.)

Cindy B. Mundschenk, B.F.A., Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation; B.F.A., 1980, University of Oklahoma. (Since 1989.)

Paul Naredo, MBA., Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation; B.B.S., 2002, Hardin-Simmons University; M.B.A., 2007, Texas Tech University. (since 2011)

Angela Nicolini, O.D., Instructor in Biology; B.S., 1991; University of Houston; O.D., 1993, University of Houston College of Optometry. (Since 2012.)

Sarah Nielsen, M.Ed., Lecturer in Athletic Training Education; B.S. 2009, Iowa State University; B.S. 2015, Iowa State University; M.Ed. 2017, Hardin-Simmons University

Landri Ognowski, M.Acc., C.P.A., Lecturer in Accounting, B.B.A., 2012 , M.Acc.2012, Baylor University. (Since 2017.)

Karla Ordonez, DMA, Lecturer in Flute; BM, 1997, Louisiana State University; MM, 1999, University of North Texas; DMA, 2006, Eastman School of Music. (Since 2010)

Janelle Ott, DMA, 2016, Lecturer in Bassoon; BA, 2004, Luther College; MM, 2006, Wichita State University; DMA, 2016, University of North Texas. (Since 2012.)

Amy Paquette, B.F.A., Lecturer in Theatre; B.F.A., 1995, College of Santa Fe. (Since 2017)

Rodrigo Pereyra, Ph.D, Instructor in Foreign Languages; B.A. University of Texas RGV, Edinburg, 1998; M.A. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2002; Ph.D. Texas Tech University 2014. (Since 2017)

James (Jimmy) Pogue, M.A., Lecturer in English. B.A., 1985 Hardin-Simmons University, M.A., 1991, Hardin-Simmons University

Edgar Reed
, Ed.D., Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation; B.S., 2001, M.S., 2003, Angelo State University; Ed.D., 2014, Texas A&M University, Commerce. (Since 2008.)

Jacob Reynolds, M.A., Lecturer in Business Admin., B.A., 2007, Hardin-Simmons University, M.A., 2009, Hardin-Simmons University.

Sarah Ritch, M.Ed., Supervisor of Student Teachers; B.S. 1972, Stephen F. Austin State University; M.Ed. 1989, University of North Texas.

Susetta Rockett, MM, Lecturer in Oboe; BM, 2002, Texas Tech University; MM, 2004, Longy School of Music. (Since 2008)

Robert Sanderson, Lecturer In Leadership, B.S., 1976, Eastern Kentucky University, MA,1979, Eastern Kentucky University

Grace Savage, M.S., Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation; B.S., 2012, Texas Wesleyan University; M.S., 2014, Texas State University-San Marcos. (Since 2014)

Schmidt, Tim, MBA, Lecturer in Business Admin., BBA, (2006) Hardin-Simmons University, MBA, (2011), Hardin-Simmons University.

Sandy Self, JD, Lecturer in Legal Studies/Political Science; B.J. 1983, The University of Texas at Austin; J.D., 1986, Texas Tech University School of Law (Since 2003)

Treva Shott-Gozashti, M.Ed., Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation; B.B.S., 2006, Hardin-Simmons University; M.Ed., 2008, Hardin-Simmons University. (since 2008)

Tonya Smith, Au.D., CCC-A, Lecturer in Communication Sciences and Disorders; B.S., 1998, Texas Tech University; M.S., 2000, Texas Tech University; Au.D., 2002, Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (Since 2011).

Donna Snook, M.Ed. Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation B.A. 1997 Texas Tech University; M.Ed. 2012 Hardin Simmons University. (Since 2008)

Sharon Souter, PhD, RN, CNE, Instructor in Nursing; BSN, 1976, Oklahoma Baptist University; MSN, 1981, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center; PhD in Health Studies on Higher Education, 2002, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio; Certified Nurse Educator. (Since 2010)

Julie St. John, DR.P.H. Lecturer in Public Health; B.A. 1999 Baylor University; M.A. 2001 Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M.P.H. 2003 Texas A&M University Health Science Center at College Station; Dr.P.H. 2013 University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston. (Since 2016)

Debra Stewart
, M.S., Lecturer in Education; B.S., 1994 Baptist Bible College; M.S., 2009, Walden University. (Since 2018.)

Charlene Strickland
, Lecturer in Communication; B.S. 1977, M.A., 1983, Southwest Texas State University, Postgraduate work University of Oklahoma (Since 1983)

Brittany Suell, M.Ed., Lecturer in Kinesiology, Health and Recreation; BBS., 2010, Hardin-Simmons University; M.Ed., 2013, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2013.)

Robyn Taylor, M.A., Lecturer in Bible; B.A., 2009; M.A., 2012, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2018.)

Richard Transki, Costume Designer, Speech & Drama Coursework, 1981, Angelo State University. (Since 2016)

Katherine Trotter, M.F.A., Instructor in Ceramics; B.F.A., 1990, Hardin-Simmons University; M.F.A., 1993, Texas Tech University. (Since 2017)

Clarissa Tucker, M.Ed., Supervisor of Student Teachers; B.S. 1981, McMurry University; M.Ed. 1989 McNeese State University.

Steven Ward, DMA, Orchestra Conductor; BM, 1992, Abilene Christian University; MA, 1994, Stephen F Austin University; DMA, 2002, Michigan State University. (Since 2016)

Erin Weber, M.M., Lecturer in Music; B.M., 2013, Southwestern University; M.M., 2016, Texas Tech University. (Since 2016)

Cindy Wier, M.Ed., Lecturer in Counseling and Human Development; B.A., 1973 Hardin-Simmons University; M.Ed., 2003, Hardin-Simmons University. (Since 2006.)

Theresa Wilkerson, Lecturer in Dance. Dance Masters Certification. (Since 2011.)

Bradley Williamson, Ph.D., Lecturer in Religious Education; B.M., 1984, Oklahoma Baptist University; M.A. in RE, 1988, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; Ph.D., 1995, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. (Since 2001.)

Marianne Wood, B.F.A., Lecturer in Art; BFA, 1978, Texas Tech University. (Since 2011)