NURS 4366 Intro. to Faith Community Nursing

Introduction to Faith Community Nursing The courseintroduces students to the role of the Faith Community Nurse within pastoral, socialservice, and community health venues. Focus is placed on the core concepts of spiritualformation; professionalism; shalom as health and wholeness; community; and incorporating culture and diversity. Emphasis is placed on providing a better understanding of the theoretical relationship between religious practices and the health of the community as a basis for developing and leading practical initiatives. Exploration into the characteristics of healthy congregations that are critical to the formation of coherent, healthy, and whole neighborhoods and communities is provided. The nurse's leadership qualities and practices that assist faith communities to build their capacities for collaboration with theirpublic sector partners are also explored. This course is offered in an online delivery format to RN-BSN students only.




NURS 4335

Session Cycle Description

Spring Session