CSD 4471 Clinical Internship

CSD 4471 Clinical Internship: Clinical practice inprocedures and treatment of speech, language, and hearing disorders/delays under the supervision of certified speech-language pathologists and oraudiologists. Prerequisites: CSD 3354, 3359,3361, 4352. Co-requisites: CSD 4272. At least nine hours of required Communication Sciences and Disorders courses must have been completed at HSU;grade-point average of 3.0 in required in CSDcourses; personal treatment of any speech-language, hearing or related disordersidentified during Communication Sciences and Disorders courses; and the permission of the department chair. May require a background check,drug screen, immunizations, and other items deemednecessary by the internship site. May be repeatedfor credit.




CSD 3354 , CSD 3359 , CSD 3361


CSD 4352

Session Cycle Description