Classification of students is based upon progress toward meeting degree requirements as follows:

 Credits Earned   Classification
0-29 Freshman
30-59 Sophomore
60-89 Junior
90 or above Senior

Explanation of Course Numbers

The course level or class is indicated by the first digit in the course number: 0-non-degree credit; 1-freshman; 2-sophomore; 3-junior; 4-senior; 5 or 6-postgraduate or graduate; 7 or 8 doctorial. The second digit indicates the semester hour value of the course (except music, nursing, and special topics courses). The third and fourth digits indicate the departmental sequencing of the course and make it a unique number within the department or subject area.

Example: ENGL 1301

ENGL Departmental abbreviation

1 Course level

3 Semester Credits

01 Departmental Sequence

Freshmen are not allowed to enroll in upper-division courses except under special circumstances.

The semester hour is the unit of course credit at HSU. Ordinarily, a semester hour credit is based upon one 50-minute class period or two or more hours in the laboratory/studio per week throughout a semester. Accordingly, a course carrying a credit value of three semester hours would ordinarily meet for three 50-minute periods each week or in two sessions of one and one-quarter hours each. The number of semester, class, and laboratory/studio hours is indicated by the numbers in parentheses following the title of each course. The first number indicates semester hours, the second class hours, and the third lab/studio hours. For example, a 4-semester hour course involving three hours of lecture, plus two hours of lab per week will show that information as (4-3-2). An X (4-3-X) in the lab space indicates a variable, optional, or field activity noted in the course description.