Credit By Examination

Hardin-Simmons University recognizes that many students may have attained college-level competencies in specific areas through advanced high school courses or work-related experiences prior to entering college. Students are therefore encouraged to consult the following information to determine whether they may be granted college credit based on their previous educational experiences.

General Regulations

There are five general regulations for earning credit by examination at Hardin-Simmons:

  1.  A student may earn a maximum of 42 semester credits through credit by examination with a maximum of 14 credits in any one major.
  2. No grade will be awarded for credit earned by examination, and those credits will not be counted in computing a student’s grade point average.
  3. Credit earned by examination will be awarded and entered on the student’s transcript only after the student is officially enrolled as a Hardin-Simmons University student.
  4. Credit by examination may not be earned for (a) any college level course in which the student is currently, or ever has been enrolled, whether for credit, non-credit, or audit, (b) any subject area in which the student has already earned credit for a more advanced course, or any course for which the student does not meet the prerequisites by the time of submission of scores. In cases of doubt as to eligibility for credit by exam, the head of the department involved and the dean of the appropriate college or school will make the final decision; (c) credit by exam may not be taken after the last date to register for a course during a students last semester before graduation.
  5. It is the student’s responsibility to have official test scores sent to the University Registrar to be considered for credit by examination. Transfer students wishing credit for examinations taken prior to admission at Hardin-Simmons University must also have official test scores sent to the University Registrar.

Departmental Examinations

Some departments whose courses are not adequately covered by either the Advanced Placement or College Level Examination Programs may participate in the program of credit by examination. Students may have the opportunity, to earn credit by departmental examination as well as through satisfactory scores on AP and CLEP examinations.

A student seeking credit by departmental examination should make written application through his/her advisor to the department involved at least one month before the examination. After consideration, the department will notify the student’s advisor of the acceptance or rejection of the application. Within ten days of administration of the examination the department will certify to the Registrar either “credit” or “no credit.”

The fee for a departmental examination for credit is indicated under Special Examination Fees.. This fee is to be paid or charged to the student’s account after the application has been approved and before the administration of the examination. The fee is not refundable.

Each participating department is free to determine the type of examination to be administered, whether standardized or prepared by the members of the department.

Academic areas participating in this program are biology, chemistry, computer science, finance, foreign languages, geology, mathematics, physics, and the various departments of the School of Music and of the Logsdon School of Theology.

Occasionally a student may wish to begin work in a particular area with courses above the introductory level without receiving credit for the lower-level courses. A student seeking exemption from introductory-level courses should apply in writing to the department concerned prior to the registration period. The department will indicate the level at which the student will begin course work as determined by his/her previous experience and/or examination. Notice shall be given to the student’s advisor and the Office of the Registrar for the courses waived in this manner. NO CREDIT is given for such exemption.