Kelley College of Business


Michael L. Monhollon


Wade Ashby, M.Div., M.S., Assistant Professor of Computer Science
John N. Davis, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Management
Fei Gao, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Finance
John A. Hill, Ph.D., Professor of Economics
Nancy E. Kucinski, Ph.D., Professor of Management
R. Douglas McIntyre, Ph.D., Professor of Business Administration
Michael L. Monhollon, J.D., Professor of Business Law
Shaylee J. Piland, M.B.A., C.P.A, Associate Professor of Accounting
Jennifer H. Plantier, Ph.D., Professor of Business and Marketing
Jared V. Reynolds, M.B.A., Assistant Professor of Business
Laura Reynolds, M.B.A., Visiting Instructor of Business Administration
Terry W. Sergeant, Ph.D., Professor of Computer Science
Edward R. Sim, Ph.D., Professor of Information Systems
Thomas Wier, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics

The college of business is named for Doyle Kelley and Inez Tucker Kelley, who helped to secure the future of business education at Hardin-Simmons with a generous gift made in honor of their parents. Doyle and Inez Kelley met while students at HSU, which Doyle attended on a scholarship for the Cowboy Band.


The Kelley College of Business will supply a noticeably Christian environment in which undergraduate business students will learn how to build a life of meaning within the context of a business career, acquiring the skills necessary to find a job, to run a successful business, and to accumulate wealth.

In furtherance of its mission, the Kelley College of Business will equip its students to:

  1. Understand the function of private industry in the national and world economies.
  2. Understand the various business functions, how they interact, and how they contribute to organizational objectives.
  3. Integrate legal, ethical, and personal considerations into business decision-making.
  4. Work effectively as a team-member and as a team-leader for projects, functional divisions of a company, and an entire organization.
  5. Understand how data is collected, reported, and analyzed to manage organizations and make better business decisions.
  6. Communicate analyses, results, decisions, and recommendations.
  7. Identify business opportunities, and learn how to raise and manage the capital to finance them.
  8. Market themselves as well as their organization, its mission, and its products or services.
  9. Build a satisfying career and grow toward financial independence.

Areas of Study

The HSU Kelley College of Business offers undergraduate majors in Accounting, Banking and Financial Services, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Human Computer Interaction, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Nonprofit Management, and Public Administration. It offers minors in Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Science, Economics, Finance, Management, and Marketing.

Bachelor of Business Administration Degree*

Majors are available in the fields of Accounting, Banking and Financial Services, Economics, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Nonprofit Management, and Public Administration. Students seeking the Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) degree must complete a minimum of 124 semester credits.

Students who plan to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination need more credits in accounting than those required by the major. The Texas State Board of Public Accounting (TSBPA) requires 30 accounting credits beyond Principles of Accounting I and II. These 30 credits can be satisfied by taking the following courses: ACCT 3311, 3312, 3313, 3315, 3320, 4311, 4316, 4317, 4319, and 4321. In addition to the TSBPA course requirements, TSBPA also requires a minimum of 150 semester credits from an accredited institution. Thus, a student planning to sit for the CPA exam will have to take 26 credits beyond the 124 credits required for the B.B.A. degree. Students may want to consider B.B.A.-to-M.B.A. Early Admission and continue into the M.B.A. program to meet the additional credit requirement.

Other Degrees in Business Administration*

The HSU Kelley College of Business offers a major in Business Administration on the university’s liberal arts degrees, the B.A. and B.B.S. This major allows a student to double major in a field outside the college of business. The required minor may be in a business or a nonbusiness field, though, because the major in business administration is broad, a minor in a business field is encouraged to give the graduate a concentration in a particular field of business.

Degrees in Computer Science and Economics

Computer Science offers a major for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Behavioral Science (B.B.S.), and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees. In addition to the B.B.A. degree, Economics offers a major for the Bachelor of Science (B.S.), Bachelor of Behavioral Science (B.B.S.), and Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees.

Degrees in Human Computer Interaction

The departments of Computer Science and Psychology offer a major and a minor in Human Computer Interaction on the B.A., B.B.S., and B.S.H.S. degrees. These are interdisciplinary programs with a balance of computing and psychology coursework. The major covers the way people think about and interact with machine interfaces including but not limited to the aesthetics of the design, the intuitiveness of the interface, the cognitive models at work, and the functionality of the computing.

*Programs marked with an asterisk are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs.