Leadership Studies Program


Director of Leadership Studies

Dr. Coleman Patterson


HSU Box 16215



This program seeks to prepare ethical, imaginative, effective leaders for the twenty-first century through a course of study emphasizing both theory and practice. Successful leaders need to have an education that will enable them to deal humanely and intelligently with the complex problems of a rapidly changing world. The classes in this academic minor will introduce students to prominent theories in leadership studies, train them in such important life skills as communication and critical thinking, develop them as leaders with a Christian perspective and system of values, and motivate women and men to serve society through positions of leadership.

The curriculum is designed to emphasize inquiry, understanding, skill development, practice, and reflection. In-class study, class exercises, service projects, leadership workshops, and leadership development programs provide an environment where students can study and develop an understanding of leadership.

Courses can also be taken as electives for students who are not interested in completing the minor.

Leadership Studies minors must earn at least a “C” in all leadership studies courses or retake the course the next time it is offered. Grades lower than a “C” in leadership studies courses will not count toward a leadership studies minor.