Department of Art

Department Head

Caleb Dulock
HSU Box 16085


Caleb Dulock, M.F.A., Assistant Professor
Steve Neves, M.F.A., Professor


Our goal is for students to flourish within a Christian environment, participate in a visual arts curriculum that examines historical context, contemporary issues and multimedia technologies while balancing both theory and practice. Above all, we teach our students to be creative problem-solvers with open, responsible and flexible attitudes, capable of generating multiple solutions to contemporary visual challenges. We emphasize individualized attention and preparation of our students to be competitive in the visual arts job market and exhibition circuit.

Foundation Art Core - The freshman art core courses provide the crucial foundational skills of drawing, the principles and elements of 2D and 3D design, and an introduction to personal expression and concept development using basic media. General studio classes beyond the freshman core are provided to sharpen problem-solving skills in terms of more specialized media. A further emphasis is placed on the development of a uniquely personal relationship between idea and execution.

Graphic Design Program - The graphic design program will train students to be conversant in up-to-date imaging technologies. Students will be taught creativity, conceptual development, and effective visual communication via assignments requiring analysis/ critique of current cultural trends, appetites, values and dilemmas.

Studio Art Program – This program develops a wide range of practices including the study of various histories in creative culture, theoretical models, and engagement with creative critical dialogue. The studio art program is for students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies or professional careers in art related fields. Art students in this program have the opportunity to not only engage with fine art studio disciplines, but to innovate and expand into the future of art making. The studio art program is broken down into several concentration areas for students to pursue including:

  • Printmaking
  • Photography
  • Drawing and Painting
  • 3D Studio: Sculpture

Art Education Program - The art education program is intended for students planning to be certified teachers of children in grades K-12 reflecting state and national standards for the discipline of art.

Technology Requirements

All art majors in our technology based programs, including Graphic Design (BFA, BA) and Photography (BFA), are highly recommended to own a laptop and digital camera system or purchase them prior to taking any sophomore level studio courses. This helps ensure that students are equipped with the necessary technology to effectively participate in class, complete classwork, and also prepare students for professional engagement with their career fields. Please contact the chair of the art program for current technology specifications.


B.F.A. – The Bachelor of Fine Arts degree is offered in the Graphic Design program and for the Studio Art concentrations including: Painting and Drawing, 3D Art (Sculpture), Photography, and Printmaking. The B.F.A. is considered a professional degree and an industry/academic standard and is designed for those art majors who wish to pursue graduate school to get an M.F.A. degree (Masters of Fine Art). This degree also provides a large number of studio courses and in-depth preparation for those going directly into the workforce. B.F.A. degree seeking students are required to plan, create, and exhibit a senior project to be shown in a BFA senior exhibition held at the end of fall and spring. For specific requirements leading to B.F.A. degrees, please refer to the art department degree plans following this portion of the catalog."

B.A. – The Bachelor of Arts degree is offered in Art General Studio, Art Education, and Graphic Design. The curriculum provides many of the same foundational skills and entry level art studio courses that our B.F.A. degree offers, but is designed for students who have other interests beyond a studio practice that wish to also pursue a minor or even a double major. B.A. degree seeking students are required to hold a senior public lecture presentation of their portfolio of artwork, and likewise do not participate in the BFA senior exhibition. For specific requirements leading to B.A. degrees, please refer to the art department degree plans following this portion of the catalog."


A minor in art is offered to students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Behavioral Science degree. Requirements for this minor are listed at the end of degree plans for Art degrees.

The Department of Art reserves the right to retain any work for exhibition purposes and for its permanent collection.

Memberships and Associations

The art department is a member of the Texas Association of Schools of Art, and the Texas Art Education Association.

Teacher Preparation Program

Students seeking teacher preparation in art should refer to the Irvin School of Education section of this catalog for a listing of the teaching major or minor and all other Texas preparation requirements.