Pre-Professional Courses of Study

Some students enrolling in the University are interested in preparing for professional fields such as dentistry, engineering, geology, law, medicine, pharmacy, or veterinary medicine. HSU offers an ample number of academic foundation courses required for admission to professional schools.

Professional schools maintain rigid admission policies, and admission is highly competitive. Qualified HSU students have been most successful in gaining admission to these schools.

A student interested in these specialized fields, in consultation with the appropriate advisor, is responsible for becoming acquainted with the admissions requirements of the school of his/her choice so that a program may be planned to meet those requirements.

The following pre-professional guidelines are provided for those wishing to complete liberal arts requirements at Hardin-Simmons University prior to their graduate or professional study.

Pre-Engineering Requirements

Schools of engineering will accept work from Hardin-Simmons University which is equivalent to courses in their engineering curriculum. In general, a student may attend Hardin-Simmons University for two years and then transfer approximately 50-60 credits into an engineering curriculum. Each student will consult with the pre-engineering advisor from the beginning to plan a program that will fit the particular engineering school and program in which the student is interested.

The following is a general guide showing work which may be transferred from Hardin-Simmons University into an engineering curriculum. Particular requirements should be determined from the catalog of the selected engineering school—the exact credits transferred will depend upon the area of engineering and school selected. Some courses are offered on a rotational basis; therefore, work closely with your advisor in preparing your schedule.