The Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Logsdon School of Theology


Dr. Robert R. Ellis

325- 670-5841

HSU Box 16235


Larry Baker, Th.D., Professor of Pastoral Ministry

Robert R. Ellis, Ph.D., Phillips Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament

Travis Frampton, Ph.D., Professor of Biblical Studies

James Heflin, Ph.D., Professor of Preaching and Pastoral Ministry

Kelvin Kelley, D. Min., Assistant Professor of Theology

Kenneth Lyle, Ph.D., Professor of New Testament and Greek

Randall Maurer Ph.D., Professor of Psychology and Family Ministry

Larry McGraw, Ph.D., Associate Dean School of Theology

Kelly Pigott, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Church History

Susan M. Pigott, Ph.D., Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

Dan R. Stiver, Ph.D., Professor of Theology

Meredith Stone, Ph.D., Instructor of Christian Ministry and Scripture

Rodney Taylor, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theology

Myles Werntz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Theology

The school is named for Charles and Koreen Logsdon of Abilene, former students, long-time friends, and benefactors of Hardin-Simmons University. The school was established in 1982 in memory of Mr. Logsdon, who died in October 1981. Mr. Logsdon’s service as a trustee for 15 years was marked by quiet, dedicated, effective service to his alma mater, from which he graduated in 1928. Mrs. Logsdon attended Hardin-Simmons in 1928-32. As an expression of her love for the school and in fulfillment of her husband’s wishes, she made the largest gift in Hardin-Simmons University history to that date to establish the Logsdon School of Theology.


Biblical Studies - The courses in Bible are designed to give the student a knowledge of and appreciation for the Bible. The courses also provide foundational preparation for those who plan future study in graduate theological education, as well as giving professional preparation for those not anticipating further formal education.

The biblical languages fulfill the language requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree and also provide the student with an understanding of the linguistic background of the Bible.

Historical/Theological Studies - The courses in Theology and Church History provide the student with an understanding of the basic doctrinal positions of the Christian faith, an understanding of alternative views, and an understanding of the Christian past. The student is therefore better equipped to evaluate the theological outlook of the present day.

Practical Studies - The courses in Ministry and Missions are designed to serve the educational and vocational guidance needs of students planning church-related careers as pastors, ministers, missionaries, counselors, or other ministries. All HSU students are invited to strengthen their Christian leadership potential by selecting such courses as electives.

The courses in ethics are designed to provide academic involvement across the university. The courses explore the ethical dimensions and dynamics of the vocational or interest arenas of life for which students are preparing. The relevance of ethical theories and practical application are explored.

Logsdon School Foundation Courses - For all majors in the Logsdon School, the following foundational courses are required in addition to those of the major: BIBL 1301, BIBL 1302, BIBL 2331, THEO 1331, THEO 2101, and CHST 1311 Grades in these courses impact the grade point average of the major