Department of English

Head of Department

Dr. Traci S. Thompson


HSU Box 16035


Jason King, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Laura Pogue, Ph.D., W. D. & Hollis Bond Associate Professor
Traci S. Thompson, Ph.D., Professor


The Department offers courses in literature and the English language. Courses in composition and language provide training in the techniques and skills requisite for accurate and effective written expression. Courses in the literature of America, England, and other countries familiarize students with specific writers, movements, periods, and literary issues; prepare students to recognize, to analyze, and to evaluate the various types of literature; build reading and other language skills; train students to do independent thinking and research; and develop understanding of aesthetic and cultural dimensions in the human experience. The Department offers a major and minor in English.

A bachelor's degree in English thus provides excellent preparation for the professional world beyond the university years and is a powerful degree for any area where sharp critical thinking skills are highly valued. English graduates are especially qualified for careers in communication, journalism, public relations, business, technology, and education as well as further study in law, library science, literature, or creative writing.

The student should note that the Bachelor of Arts degree requires 12 credits of one foreign language. The department considers foreign language courses extremely beneficial to students, especially those planning to teach English because they understand their own language better when they know at least one other language. In addition, those students planning to attend graduate school will find it especially beneficial to meet the foreign language requirement as part of

Freshman English

- All degree candidates in the University, regardless of the degree sought, are required to receive three semester credits of English composition credit (ENGL 1301, 1302, or BSAD 1301). Research papers are required.

Sophomore English

- All University curricula requires students to receive at least three semester credits in literature credit. The student may satisfy this requirement by taking a literature course numbered in the 2300 sequence. Three semester credits of freshman and three credits of sophomore English are prerequisite to all English courses numbered 3000 or above. A student seeking a teaching certificate for English Language Arts in grades 4-8 or 7-12 or majoring in English, must take six credits at the sophomore level. Research papers are required.

Teacher Preparation Program

- Students seeking teacher certification in English should refer to the Irvin School of Education section of this catalog for Texas certification requirements. English majors seeking certification for grades 4-8 or 7-12 must meet the following requirements to be eligible to student teach and to take the TExES prior to graduation:

Cumulative GPA of 2.80 in English courses;

Obtain written consent of the Head of Department of English.

Additionally, students seeking certification need to attend a practice session for the TExES exam. These sessions are sponsored regularly by the Irvin School of Education and more information can be obtained in that office.

For certification plans in English Language Arts, see ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS and READING GRADES 4-8 (M.ELAR) and ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS & READING GRADES 7-12 (H.ELAR)

Advanced Placement/CLEP Credit

If another university granted AP credit for a score of less than 3, that credit will NOT transfer to HSU. If CLEP credit was granted by another university, that credit will only transfer to HSU if the original exam included the essay portion. CLEP credit requires both objective and essay portions of the exam be taken. CLEP is available for English 1301, 1302, and 2300 level courses.

NOTE: CLEP accepts requests for sending scores ONLY if such requests come from the student. Educational institutions are not permitted to make such requests. Thus, the student is responsible for contacting CLEP and requesting scores be sent to HSU.

There is no departmental exam for English credit at HSU, and departmental exam credits from other universities will NOT transfer.


Technological Competency:

The department accepts CSCI 1303.